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Welcome to Maria Petrariu Website


About artist

I started doing string art out of curiosity, I thrived to see were the string can lead me and where I could reach just by following my instincts.I belief that every piece of art that is made of thread cannot be duplicate, like nature, is one-of-a-kind.



String art is an uncommon art that consists of pounding some hardboard pins on a wooden board and join them through a wire.What is unique about this art is the way that wire is placed in order to create a picture, the area that nails are set on the board and, of course, the technique that every artist uses to thrill the perceiver.


our mission

My ultimate goal is to engage you to perceive the emotions and curiosity about string portraits, to find the essence of a beautiful human being that are portrayed through those sharp and thin threads.


All my art is unique

String art paintings are custom made and I devot 100% of myself to get it done in the most spectacular way. Visit my shop for some ideas of what I am making, and contact me for more details